The record Historical Journey & Biography Of Jhelum City Places(Urdu: تاريخ جہلم), an area in present-day Pakistan, dates back thousands of years. Since its creation, Persians, Greeks, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, and British have ruled modern Pakistan.

Hell is near the site of the famous Battle of the Hydaspes between the armies of Alexander the Great and Raja Porus. The battle took place a few miles down the river from the city center, on the riverbank. Near the historic 16th-century Rohtas Fort, another historic fortress emerges from the Sikh period behind a bus station near the Phatak Jhelum City train. It is now used as a store under the Railway Authority and Tilla Jovian. A long JHELUM history of centuries of this area.


Alexander left the ancient Taxila of Raja Ambhi, defeated him without a fight, greek time places, and went to Kalar Kahar. Biography of Jhelum greek time and he walked on the Salt Sea, turned left, and came to the other side of the Jordan River, which he called the Jhelum Hydaspes. His opponent at another bank was Raja Porus. They fought one of the great and terrible battles of the whole campaign of Alexander. Eventually, Greek time defeated Alexander, after using a miracle against the hero Porus but with great difficulty and significant loss of greek time Jhelum’s life on Alexander’s side. Before proceeding, Alexander established a valley on the west bank of the river and ordered the building of 2000 boats. He called the city Boucephila (now Jumum City). The River Jhelum flows in competition with the city.

The mosque inside the river is a popular tourist destination on Grand Trunk Road even today. Biography Alexander’s Naval Chief was given the task of building boats on a large scale. Therefore, artisans were hired, which is why the present-day colonies in the city are called the messengers of Mohallah (Numbers 1, 2, and 3) because of the millstones. Biography of Jhelum greek time became a timber market throughout Punjab for thousands of years. After the construction of the Mangla Dam, logs floated in the river, and the city lost its right. There is the lumber industry, too, thriving. The Greeks left a mark on their friendship and the spirit of war, which struck the nations and families living in the area.


Historical of Jhelum city in 997 CE, history of Jhelum Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, who usurped the historical Ghaznavid dynasty founded by his father, Sultan Sebuktegin, in 1005 conquered the Shahis in Kabul in 1005, following it with the conquest of the Punjab region Jhelum city including province. The Punjab region became predominantly Muslim because of the Sufi missionary saints whose dargah defined the Punjab Jhelum city region.

The historical Janjua and the Khokhars, entering the Salt Range and the northern plateau, respectively, appear to be the first settlers. The Gakhars, who represent the first wave of conquest from the west, settled in a large area east of the Region. At the same time, the Awans, now a gaggle in the western plain, apparently new invaders, the Gakhars were a race that dominated the early Islamic era and continued to maintain their freedom in Jhelum and the neighboring province of Rawalpindi.


Journey of Jhelum under the British in 1847 Jhelum conquered all the Sikh territories, and Jhelum came under the British time rule, and journey in 1857 the 14th Native Infantry group in the city of Jhelum revolted, vigorously defending the army sent from Rawalpindi to expel them, but strengthened at night following action, a massive body. A journey made the latest arrests of Kashmir authorities, who had fled to their area. Britain established a jurisdictional state in the Jhelum region and territories, first covering the vast area that included Pindigheb and the site as far as the Indus River, later divided into Jarmum jam, Chakwal, and Pind Dadan Khan, and the Regional Headquarters from Pind Dadan Khan in Jhelum. By the 20th century, the city had a proud journey of art and prosperity.

During British rule, Jhelum was Rawalpindi Division, which was more significant than the current Jhelum region. On April 1, 1914, the Talagang tehsil was separated from the District and merged with the new Attock District. Independence

Many Muslims support the Muslim League and the Pakistan Movement. After the independence of Pakistan and secession from India in 1947, minority Hindus and Sikhs were deported to India while Indian Muslim refugees settled in the Jhelum region.


The history of the Jhelum military has long been the basis for recruiting armed forces and has a history of providing many troops in particular. The Jhelum military sent men to serve first in the East India Honorary Company and then in the British army and, more recently, the Pakistani military. As a result, the Jhelum military is known locally as a city of soldiers or land of martyrs and warriors. [6] During World War I, the Jhelum military was known for supplying large numbers of troops to the Indian Expeditionary Force and, as a result, became a solid source of employment

The first historical Victoria Cross to be awarded to Jhelum’s military (the highest award for Imperial, Britain, and Commonwealth for gallantry) was won by Subedar Khuda Dad Khan during the First World War during the Belgian war. Later another son of Jhelum would be rewarded equally with him; Nishan-e-Haider of Pakistan. Major Muhammad Akram (Shaheed) received his award after his actions during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War.

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