Hisham Sarwar motivational story

Hisham Sarwar’s motivational inspiring Story

Starting Freelancing as a career has set out in Pakistan. Most persons who have the skills in Web Development, Graphic designing, content writing, and countless other fields augment can increase their monthly earnings with a freelancing career.

The reasons are pretty straightforward. It depends upon your selection did you choose the right skill you are interested in and become a professional in it. However, you are already still into people who’ve earned more than $1 million in Freelancing. Today, we get to meet one of the Pakistani freelancers Hisham Sarwar who makes our country proud and makes his name worldwide, and who’s done precisely 1$ million US dollars with a freelancing career.

Hisham Sarwar’s motivational and inspiring Story is also inspiring for us because he’s managed to translate his earnings into a successful entrepreneur

Starting his regular job at a US-based company, Hisham Sarwar found out his skill as a creative graphic designer, but he poorly wanted liberation or space. That wasn’t possible with an average job of 9 to 5. So he started his journey to a freelancing career in 2007; he began to provide him with individual web designing and development services to the clients on international freelance marketplaces like Elance, Freelancer, and Guru.

The inspiring and Motivational Words Says By Hisham Sarwar in an interview with ProPakistani “In my opinion, if you can polish your passion, it is most better than a full-time job and working for someone else.”

In the past five years, though, he has limited his focus to only the Guru freelance marketplace, and it’s proven to be a successful good decision. In a brief period, he’s earned more than $1 million US dollars in his guru profile sales and been given exclusive coverage in a testimonial on the front page of the Guru.com freelance marketplace. The top 10 freelancers also surround him on the guru web portal.

Now, Hisham Sarwar employs 20 people, and it provides services in the website development/designing, graphic design, and mobile application domain.

Giving Back to Community

Hisham Sarwar is also a digital marketing philanthropist who provides solutions and suggestions for social media issues. Konbola is a free mobile application (Android app version already in Play Store, iOS app version also to come) that reaches out to the people in trouble and is very important and relevant to local needs.

What’s the promised be his most significant project is a silicon valley-based cooperation for ‘Truedrops ‘, which will reach out to different hospitals with donors within a few specified KM’s.

Hisham Sarwar runs Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace for our Pakistani youngster’s startup (Rozgar Pakistan). They will be in beta version, and it was expected to publish on google in February but already has over 10,000 only Pakistani freelancers from Pakistan on board.

Freelancing As A Valuable Career Option

While if we are talking about the benefits and career of Freelancing, it’s not for everyone people because the reason is that if you are not related to IT or have no skill proficiency in your passion or have been doing an office job for an extended period, it can seem very complex to you. Here’s what Hisham has to say to those thinking about taking the plunge

Offer something of value to your clients when you were bidding on their projects. For example, alongside providing your portfolio to him, ask him if you are willing to talk to them over the phone/Skype, and that is where you nail it and build confidence. Bidding requires a lot of patience and focus or persistence, and one who can make it wins eventually.

You could earn anywhere from the different marketplaces from $100 to $10,000 per month, and people are making these amounts. So approach it with absolute seriousness, and keep in mind these tips.

In Pakistan, Freelancing is now an upcoming trend, and more than 70% of people start freelancing and earn from it in the future.

So now we want to know your valuable suggestion is it useful for us or did you have any skills for the upcoming trend of freelancing to get benefit and start your own business and make your future bright

In Pakistan, Freelancing is now an up-coming trend, and more than 70% of people start freelancing now and earn from it.

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